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2015 Toyota Venza
CB049 57398   km.
Silver Black
Take new routes! Learn more at www.islandford.ca This 2015 Toyota Venza XLE has Navigation, getting you to your destination safely. Enjoy comfortable leather seating for five. Both driver and passenger enjoy heated seats and the driver also enjoys lumbar support. Your double moonroof lets in light and air. Keep your eyes on the road...
2016 Toyota Venza
T2704 22259   km.
White -
Was $28,995 Now $27,900... Local To B.C. With No Accidents... It comes equipped with all the standard amenities for your driving enjoyment. Toyota infused the interior with top shelf amenities, such as: front bucket seats, front dual-zone air conditioning, and 1-touch window functionality. It features all-wheel drive versatility, an automatic transmission, and an efficient 4...