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2016 Kia Forte
T2140 34899   km.
White Black
Was $14,995 Now $12,900...Clean Local To B.C...Every Select pre-owned vehicle we offer has been rigorously inspected by a highly trained service technician to ensure safety, quality and provide peace of mind. 14-Day Owner Exchange ProgramShould any mechanical issue arise with the vehicle you have purchased that we are unable to resolve to your satisfaction, you...
2017 Kia Forte
P234859A 41045   km.
- Black
Our 2017 Kia Forte is the beautiful blue sedan you have been looking for!At Island GM we pride ourselves in providing a rewarding automotive experience, whether it is shopping for a new or used vehicle, getting your vehicle serviced or finding the perfect part for your existing vehicle. We are located in Duncan part of...
2016 Kia Forte
P25523 41082   km.
Black Black
HUGE PUSH PULL OR DRAG SALE! $2019 minimum GUARANTEED on your trade-in, Only until March 17th, 2019 EXTENDED NOW TO MARCH 24th, 2019* On vehicles $10,000 or more. BC Only, Navigation, Back Up Camera, SAT Radio, Garage Door Opener, Fog Lights, Sunroof, Power Driver Seat, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Side...